仪器柜产品及收容箱 Cabinet and enclosures_Jaunty-Fabricator    

    Jaunty-Fabricator supplies customers with both standard and custom-made cabinets and enclosures. To meet overseas needs, the company designs, manufactures, and exports a do-it-yourself package. This is available, no matter if the order is small or if it is to be combined with other products. This compact package can help to control excessive shipping costs, and it also helps to provide flexibility in the sale of the product.

    Jaunty-Fabricator will incorporate the newest technologies as they develop this year. Combining the technology with market-trend knowledge will position the company to deliver fresh products to its customers.

The company is currently developing rack-mount products to meet the growing demand for these items. In addition, Jaunty-Fabricator will further develop more mission critical and Internet application product lines in the coming year.

These products will help meet the needs of the internet and intranet customers.