Product Name : United States PDU/PU1L-081@www.datarack.com.tw

Model : PU1L-081@www.datarack.com.tw

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PDU Series according to IEC60906 standard@Dr. Cabling
, 3 meter power cable and power socket assembly according to IEC60906 standard; All PDU Series products design by modular mode, Meet standard rack and cabinet’s dimension 482.6mm (19”).
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www.datarack.com.tw_珈鋒國際企業有限公司(Jaunty-Fabricator Enterprise Industrial Co., Ltd.)



PDU Specification and Order Code@Dr. Cabling

Example:PU1L 081……I S F D……U

P: (PDU Series)

C: Standard

C: China Standard

    U: United States Standard

    G: German Standard

    I: Italian Standard

    Y: Italian Universal Standard

    B: UK Standard 

    F: French Standard 

    E: IEC Standard (IEC320C19)

W: Universal Standard

1: Type

L: Power Cable Direction

L: Left end

R: Right end

U: Upper end (Top)

B: Bottom end

08: Socket Port

    06: 6 way
    08: 8 way

1……I S F D……U: Option Function

    1: Standard product (Indicator)
    I: Indicator

    S: Dual-on/off Switch

    F: Fuse

    D: Digital Current Meter

    C: Power overload protection

    R: Electric Leakage Protection

    U: Surge protection    
    M: Multi-functioned switch

    CB: Small Circuit Breaker



※ Technical Parameter ※

◇PDU Standard: IEC60906

◇Power Cable Direction: Left or Right

◇Socket Type: DIN49441

◇Color: Black or White

◇Capacity: 16A/250VAC

◇UL List: UL94V-0

◇Protection: Non/Option 

◇Socket Port: 8

◇Installation: Front Normal Install

◇Function: Indicator

◇Power Cable: 3Core×1.5m㎡×3Meter

◇Max. Power Loading: 4KW
◇Case material: Aluminum 


Order Code:

    PU1L-081 Standard product (Indicator)    
    PU1L-08I Indicator

    PU1L-08S Dual-on/off Switch

    PU1L-08C Power Overload Protection

    PU1L-08M Multi-functioned Switch

    PU1L-08D Digital Current Meter

    PU1L-08CB Small Circuit Breaker

    PU1L-08F Fuse

    PU1L-08U Surge Protection

    PU1L-08R Electric Leakage Protection




proimages/PDU_Input_and_Output/INPUT-08_389x92.jpg proimages/PDU_Input_and_Output/OUTPUT-08_388x91.jpg
Code: INPUT-08
Standard Style: IEC60906
Electrical Rating: 10A 250VAC

Code: OUTPUT-08
Standard Style: IEC60906
Electrical Rating: 10A 250VAC


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